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SkypeRecorder is video and audio recording software for Skype.
You can use for, conversation with your friends, online lesson, business meeting, etc.

SkypeRecorder has convenient and advanced functions.
* Selectable recording target.(Video, Video and chat and Skype window)
* Selectable Video CODEC and frame rate.
* Both of your and partner voice are recorded.
* Voice dividing on stereo channel.
* Voice level change.
* Auto start/stop recording.
* AVI 2.0 supported.
* YouTube automatic upload.

Download SkypeRecorder
SkypeRecorder free download
Since Windows VISTA
Recommanded codec 'Lagarith Lossless Codec'. Download it, then chose it on the setup dialog.
If you couldn't execute this software, install 'vcredist_x86.exe'.

How to use SkypeRecorder.

You can use YouTube instead of your hard disk.
Don't you have free HD space? To Upload to YouTube is the solution.
SkypeRecorder automaticaly uploads videos after recording Skype calls.
You can watch recorded videos anywhere, any devices.
Don't worry. Your privacy is protected because you can use privacy status. If you use status of privacy, anyone can't watch your videos. If you hope to share your videos, you can do that.